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Granted, "Los Angeles Dating (and Dumping) Guide" is a terribly thin and compact 80-page booklet that fits handily in your back or coat pocket.Zagat has come out with this “Essential Dating and Dumping Guide” thingie. You have to go to their house, perform the dumping, comfort them, and then you’re out. Why would you ever set up an actual date out somewhere in order to break up with someone? Because apparently a legitimate way to break up with someone is to go to somewhere with multiple exits so you can “Excuse yourself to the bathroom and don’t come back.” I have a theory about the best way to break up with someone. Certainly don’t do it at Ruby Foo’s or Serendipity 3, you idiots at Zagat.Use this brand-new guide to explore 254 of the hottest restaurants and nightspots in LA—favorite dating destinations and ideal break-up spots.

I’m going to try all of these in rapid succession next time I see a cute guy. I certainly hope I never get dumped at Serendipity 3, anyway.

We would come untethered from the mother planet, adrift in the ether.

So we tore eagerly into the latest envelope in the mail bearing a Zagat guide, this one a "Los Angeles Dating (and Dumping) Guide." We weren't disappointed: It was disappointing.

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